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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Dizz, 40 pounds? You go!!

Did you do some crazy new thing, or did you do it the old fashioned way?

Have you played 4.5 already? I played 4.0 for three years before I was bumped up, and I never won many 4.0 matches. This first year at 4.0 could have gone worse, for sure.

My mixed results have been dragging me down, and I have never had anything close to a winning season in 8.0 mixed. I have a shiny new 4.0 guy partner, so hopefully we will do OK.
It started with a weight loss contest last December. Basically eat less, exercise more ... lost a total of 50. However after the Contest was over in May I started being less concerned with food and I put back on a couple pounds over the summer. I need the structure of the work day and being off in the summer is awful for my diet. Since September I have been doing the insanity program ... I have added a good bit of lean muscle mass but have not dropped much weight.

I have played 4.5 over the last 3 years ... but usually the captain has only played me in good matchups. Meaning I was never in against the top flight 4.5s. I managed a winning record at 4.5 but usually this was only 2 or 3 matches a year against cellar dwelling teams. Next year I suspect I will play more in matches that count.

I love, love, love mixed. Before when I was a top tier 4.0 the captains would put me into every single match I could play. Now that I am a bottom tier 4.5 I have been scheduled for exactly 1 match out of the 15 matches the three teams I play on have been scheduled for. Big difference, but I am actually happy that I am not being scheduled as much. Trying to fit in 50 matches a year with a wife and kids does not leave much time for practice.
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