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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
i see this thread has gone off track
yes it has. Can we please end the nonsensical debate about pronation and supination. Yes it's important, but please take that stuff to another thread.
That's not what this thread is about. Its about what practical steps I (or anyone else like me) can take to improve their serve.

As far as my serve goes, I have begun taking some small steps and will post more video soon to see if I am on the right track. Some of the small adjustments I am attempting to make:

-keep the motion moving and stops or hitches.
-better platform to "happy feet"
-more consistent and smoother toss...into the court to the right more
-keep the palm "waiters tray"
-more "cartwheel" motion
-lead with the edge more and pronate into the ball more

this is plenty to work on and I think will get me moving in the right direction.
one thing I am REALLY struggling with is getting more racquet drop. I don't know if its a lack of flexibility, but it's really tough for me to get my elbow up high. I may just have to accept this isn't too fixable?
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