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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
No one ever has a good chance to win the CYGS.

However Djoker in 2013 has a better chance than most, I'd say around 20%.

I don't see him winning Wimbledon though, I think his victory in 2011 was something of, if not a fluke, than an unrepeatable victory. I think Murray will triumph on home soil in 2013.
I agree, however, the CYGS is NOT his priority...and most likely not his fantasy.
Especially because he sees his chance to grab the RG this year. He openly stated this in Serbian media -- that the RG is his 2013 priority.
I say, he will most likely win the AO (at least in the Finals) and he will grab the RG.
Wimby and USO are up for grabs.
Federer will not get a single slam in 2013

Just my prediction.
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