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Default I've also added weight

I've added another 10 gr of lead to the balance point on the throat piece now. this brings it up to a total strung weight of around 334 gm, or 11.78 oz. This is close to the weight of my Pro-Kennex composite destiny, that was the last racquet I played with when I could walk.
That alone was enough to help make my serve something that is predictable, as I was having trouble with all of the new, light-weight racquets in my bag. t hey too got weight added, so I'm off to the courts to see how it helped, or hurt the Babolat Y-105, that NOW weighs in at 340 gm, 11.99 oz, with the same balance point as before, too.
I've been having some tendinitis in my for-arm lately, so I'm hoping these changes will help alleviate some of it..otherwise I will be practicing hitting lefthaanded a little now, too..let's hope it only becomes an added weapon, not a neccessisty!
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