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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
It's amazing how the Blackberry did so many things better than iPhone or S3. Seriously. So many things. The ability to create auto playlists without iTunes BS I really miss. Blackberrys music player had so many cool little features that I don't have with even 3rd party apps I've bought trying to find these features.

Typing on touchscreen blows. On any phone. I hate it. Autocorrect sucks!

You could say that yes, my 5 has developed some quirks since the last ios upgrade that has made me a sad panda lately. I also don't like the synching mechanisms of both phones and miss the Blackberry way. I like to have my own copies of contacts not in some BS cloud BS. I don't wanna use google sync. I want my data here safe with me in my possession protected by a password and my arsenal of Basalt stacks.

Anyhow. Just venting for no reason. I remember our CEO had the first blackberry and how revolutionary it was just to have corporate email mobilized. Now it's a big media con game sucking the collective life out of all of us.

Attention span theft. Rampant.

I could sit here and name all the big 2's shortcomings but I don't give a fuch.

I'm too busy FOATing.
You're living in the past man!
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