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Without Nadal, Djoko would be the overwhelming favorite at RG. Fed is too old for red clay (in 2012, he lost to Djoko both in Rome and RG and was close to losing to Delpo at RG, it will be worse this year). The one slam I don't see Djoko winning is Wimbledon. Not that it is impossible but I would still put Fed and Murray as favorites over Djoko there.
ETA: Djoko is a terrible matchup for Delpo, I don't know how on earth you imagine Delpo could beat him at USO. I disagree with that too.
Del Potro might well never beat Djokovic in a best of 5, atleast wont do it anytime soon. Best of 3 maybe. Djokovic would for sure wear Del Potro down by then if need be.

I agree on RG. If Nadal does not play or is not in the shape to win, Djokovic is the heavy favorite. No way is Federer beating him there again IMO, and cant see Murray beating him there either. Even if Nadal returns in form to have a plausible chance to win, he is already likely weakened enough Djokovic has a fighting chance, especialy as he has already challenged Nadal hard on clay the last 2 years.

Wimbledon is the biggest threat, and Murray and maybe a lesser degree Federer at the U.S Open.
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