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Mike Y
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In 2011 as a 4.0 combined in 4.0 Men's, 7.5 Combo, 8.5 Combo, 7.0 Mixed, and 8.0 Mixed I was 26-11 (70%).

In 2012 as a 4.5 combined in 4.5 Men's, 8.5 Combo, 8.0 Mixed, and 9.0 Mixed I was 10-16 (38%).

However, I was a much better player in 2012 than I was in 2011. I probably would have had a winning percentage of 0% if I played my 2012 schedule with my 2011 skills. My fitness was improved (long points in 4.5 singles are much more tiring than long points in 4.0 singles), 2nd serve was improved to be more than basically a "tap", backhand became a strength I can rely on and hit winners with instead of a weakness, volleys because average for my level instead of terrible, and I learned to play more aggressively and make points shorter instead of relying on my speed and fitness to outlast people (that doesn't work at 4.5 singles most of the time).

I too hope and plan on having a winning record next year. I plan on working on my serve more and improving my forehand this year. I worked on my backhand so much that I missed my forehand when going for winners a little too often for my tastes.
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