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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
Serena only got to get away with it from 2008-2010 because she played people like Safina, Jankovic and Zvonareva in major finals and had players like Kuznetsova and Azarenka blow huge leads against her at majors. Graf/Navratilova never had it as easy in major finals in comparison. Serena in many ways had superhuman luck in many of her majors. Prime Graf substituted for Serena would probably have won every major played from 2008-2010 without dropping a set. Serena is definitely gifted and at her best among the best but your exxagerations are getting ridiculous.
Originally Posted by Carsomyr View Post
Serena is one of the greatest ever of all time, and if we used ability alone as the yardstick for greatness, perhaps the greatest.

But it is not her talent and ability alone that allows her to have such a schedule. It is the relative weakness of the field around her that allows her to do this. And it isn't just Serena - look at Clijsters and Henin, elite players at the time of retirement who came back after extended absences to win majors and make finals.

On the men's side, this just isn't feasible.
I share the same view. The 2008 was the year that started with a weak field. Henin retired, and Sharapova injured her shoulder and needed surgery. Clijsters was retired and had a baby. That year alone Ivanovic reaches #1, and Jankovic ended the year #1. From there on, Safina and Wozniacki held the #1 and also ended the year #1. These players are considered weak #1, and that is even coming from many Serena fans. Also, had Clijsters never returned, one can argue that she's done and doesn't have nothing left. However, she did return and won 2 slams including beating Serena/Venus at the slam.

For the atp to be this fortunate, Nadal would retired after 2008, Nole getting injured and required surgery, and Murray retire to have a family. Ferrer, Davy , Del Potro are like the Wozniacki/Jankovic/Safina who would reach #1 plus end the year #1, given that is if Fed play less tennis like Serena.
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