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Originally Posted by Babolat Official View Post
Thanks for the note! I was in London for the ATP WTFs, what a city!

1. Yes, not sure on specific updates yet.
2.Tried to keep this real simple, email me if you want more detail or have questions on specifics (I can provide more numbers, flex, etc.).

Pure Storm - our classic feeling racquet. Thinner beam (21mm), tighter string pattern (16x20), midsize head (98 in), more flexible than the PD & APD lines.
Pure Storm Tour - heavier version of the Pure Storm
Pure Storm Team - lighter, bigger head size (100 vs. 9
Pure Storm LTD - heavier than Pure Storm, smaller head (95 vs 9, thinner beam (19 vs 21mm), tighter string pattern (18x20 vs 16x20)...plays different than the rest of the family

hope that helps!
Thanks Daniel. I sent an email to your Babolat address.
Also what are the playing differences between the Storm Ltd and the Storm Ltd XL?
Thanks J
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