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Originally Posted by BCTennis View Post
Ok so bascially practice makes perfect. But I still would like to know if I should drive through the ball more or return with spin. Or does that depend on the speed of the serve?
This is my opinion.
Against a big server you need to just redirect the first serves back to hopefully neutralise the serve. Hard to do. So just focus on meeting the ball properly and use the pace of the serve for your return. On second serves it is my belief that you should attempt to at least get the point to neutral. Good servers have good second serves too so that is hard to do as well. But it is easier to rip a return if you happen to get one that sits up in your strike zone.

Good Big servers are used to winning their serves. You need to accept that fact he will win most. Your job is to at all costs hold your own serve. And do something to break his confidence enough to get a break on his serves. To do this you need to have a return he feels if he let's up even a little you will take control of the point. Do this enough times and he might crack enough for a break.

So you need to have a driving return with placement. He needs to know if he gives you anything in your wheelhouse you will pound it. If all your doing is floating them back it does nothing to rattle him. He knows he can go safer on his serves and still control the point.

So practice returns.
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