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Default Very good 2012!

Let's see...

Started the group lessons at a club after 20+ year hiatus... They got me into a 2.0 group (under evaluated, for obvious club reasons, but I was fine with it). Advanced quickly through 2.5 to 3.0 groups.
Now I win most of the 3.5 pro-set matches...

Winning percentage for the year, about 80%, agains all sorts of opponents. Mostly singles, except during the summer.

Broke my hip (ski racing) in March. By the end of April I was already on the court, practicing the serves. Couldn't quite walk, never mind run, yet. I was able to run by June. Back on skis/snowboard in late November. 95% recovered by now.

Serve sky-rocketed since the hip incident. My coach mostly can not return it when I'm in the zone

Played a lot on clay, on summer holidays in Europe. I hate the dirt, but it's a good for a change.

Learned whole lot about racquet customization. Thanks TT!

Bought my own stringer and learned to string. Lots of experiments since. I'm getting to know what works for me.

Life is good.
It's never too late for a happy childhood!
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