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Originally Posted by lala28m View Post
I admit, I do not remember the street walker part. If my memory is lacking in that respect, my apologies, clearly an inappropriate comment, no matter who the parent(s). Not appropriate. Nothing in that thread was appropriate. It was a kid bashing catastrophe.

I, respectfully, maintain that the 2 posters were both throwing digs at each other, both kept bringing each others kids up within the argument. Obviously, this will NEVER lead to anywhere good. Maybe a lesson to be learned??

At least these parents were there to defend their own kids...what grabbed my attention from the get-go were the comments about the (not sufficiently good enough) looks of an 11yo CHILD... A GIRL. What can you be thinking when you write that?? This was obviously a gloves-off fighting kind of guy. I didn't engage, but am I surprised that someone did? No, I'm not.

So if you want to ask me about what I find creepy from that thread, I can make you long a list. But neither guy will come out looking very good. Point is, you can't cry foul if you started (the dirty) fighting. Hard to feel bad for either guy. At the same time, I have only been following for a few months, so I can't speak for what has happened in the apparent years of this back and forth.

I thought this was a forum was about tennis and how to take notes from each other about how to better our kids. Not bash each others kids. Of course, all of them need improvement, they are children.

Lastly, not to get personal, but let's say for the sake of argument, that myself or someone close to me, was a victim of child predation. It is an actual tragedy that too many children endure. Let's not involve real victims, real crimes and compare them to this silly back and forth argument.

A lot of the comments were beyond stupid, but there is little evidence that anyone had motives to abuse children. And like I pointed out, the forum administrators, who are in some way responsible for fairness and legality here, did come to the same conclusion. It's a silly Internet argument, that's it. Let's get over it and try to be more respectful of each other and our children going forward. Lesson learned, for some...
We will have to agree to disagree, I guess.

After all, the moderators did delete the posts. I am glad they apparently came to the conclusion that more than just a "silly internet argument" as you put it, was involved.

(If all posts connected to silly internet arguments were deleted, there'd be practically nothing left here.......including this little repartee!!)
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