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Originally Posted by Vrad View Post
I can only speak for myself, so let me tell you why I am speculating.

1) After losing to Rosol, in a grinder of a match, where he was running all over the court, we suddenly start hearing about knee problems. Prior to this loss (and in fact, even a few days after the loss) there was no inkling of any issues.

2) Suddenly Nadal withdraws from the London Olympics, but is expected to be back for the US Open.

3) Nadal withdraws days before the US Open, and a few other tournaments, but is expected back for Davis Cup Finals, and year end championship.

4) He withdraws from those tournaments, but is expected to be back for the Australian Open

5) Now the knee is fixed, but he is withdrawing from the Aus Open because of a stomach flu.

Oh, and all this while, with a knee injury, whose recovery time, despite the best of modern medicine and technology, they could not predict within a range of 6 months, Nadal is entering and playing golf tournaments, a sport which is notorious for the stress it places on the knees.

After all this, how can you not speculate and think something is not right?
Good post. Spot on.
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