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Originally Posted by BCTennis View Post
Thank you for clarifying things.
I think these are very good points. I noticed that my serve falls apart when I feel pressured that the opponent could threaten me with a driving shot off my second serve. So it should be the same for other servers as well. Sorry to ask one more question(you seem to know a lot about returns) What is considered good placement on a block return off a strong first serve?
Well against really good servers with a big first I consider a good return one that goes in the court. Lol. Even if you watch pros you will notice they are just trying to get it into the court however they can. Good servers have a lot of variety. Or just too much heat to deal with effectively.
If the guy serves big but lacks variety I'd suggest anticipating the same serve and picking a spot he doesn't like. Usually I like to hit it back at his feet deep middle of the court or the BH corner is always safer. The thing is if you block back a serve it is really a defensive shot. It you give too much angle you will get run around like mad. I'd stay away from most peoples fhs blocking a return.
The point is if your talking about people with real consistent and strong serves you can only hope to bring the point to neutral. And any easy second serve openings you have to take control of the point because they won't come too often.

So the best way to be a better returner is to make your own serve better so you can take more chances on your serve returns. Since you have less chances of losing your own serve.
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