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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Hard to say where to put Connelly and Seles. Either could have been the best ever, but the careers were cut short. Somewhere in the top 10 certainly - Connelly best ever if you don't count longevity.

Graf, Navratilova, Court, Lenglen - by far the best of their eras.

Evert, Wills, S. Williams behind them.

I guess Hingis for 10th, but I'm not really sold on that.
I agree with the names, still Connolly and King should be in the top 10.Maria Esther Bueno should be considered, too.Maybe Alice Marble too.In terms of raw talent, of course, few have been more talented than lesser ranked women like Hingis,Mandlikova,Goolagong.
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