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Why on earth would Steffi be concerned with coulda, woulda, shouldas? Last time I looked Monica was stabbed having won seven of the previous eight she'd competed in. Anyone in those circumstances would coulda...
The only reason Hingis was a bad up for Seles is she moved the ball away from Monica and anticipated better than just about anyone. Monica didn't have movement problems in her peak and was also brilliant anticipating the ball. Fail to see how she'd be a bad match-up for Seles in her peak. Hingis in a slump RG'98 till she reached US open final? Similar to Federer suffering mono all 2008 till he swept the US open, not buying them plums.
Hingis was only in the U.S Open final since Jana Chokevotna choked in the semis, after having a 4-1 two break lead. She then proceeded to be spanked by Davenport who choked badly in the 2nd set herself, blowing a 4-2, easy shot for 5-2 to go down 6-5, but still won in straights. The fact Jana Novotna of all people had become a nightmarish opponent for Hingis on all courts for awhile, says enough about her form at the time.

A 35 year old Chris Evert beat Seles, who was only 15 but had already taken Graf and Navratilova to 3 sets that very year, and was probably closer to her prime than granny Evert, 6-0, 6-2 at the U.S Open. Hingis is basically an Evert clone with better volleys but far less determination to win.

It is not true at all Seles at her peak was some fabulous mover. She was an adequate one at best, better than say Davenport or Pierce, but that is it. She didnt even have to move pre stabbing anyway, only Graf and sometimes Capriati could make her do anything other than dictate all the points and run her opponents around, but with people like Hingis, Venus, Serena, Davenport, and Pierce around in her second career this had changed.

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