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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
I agree, with this, my guess as well.

Don't buy the silent ban theory, the stomach virus nor Nadal being "scared" of competition (for Pete's sake, he's a tour veteran despite his young age).
Glad to know we agree on something.

I get the vibe that his camp isn't telling us about his knees because they aren't acting like a camp with a healthy athlete in their midst ready to give his all in the next competitions. They are acting like they are trying to mask Rafa's physical condition and apparently they always need a little more time to get Rafa into shape. It's been six months already.

If Rafa was reasonably healthy, they would be advertising that he is ready, we would see training clips, interviews about Rafa and his odds here, etc, something to get the people excited for his big return.

Instead,we got some half-assed comments about him MAYBE playing in Abu Dhabi. That's when I thought that AO was possibly a no-go because in theory Nadal should be terribly glad to be back yet(especially for a competitor such as himself) in every clip I saw from him there was worry/doubt on his face.

As for the being "scared" of competition, it's the Soderling comments from 2009 all over again and Nadal proved how scared he was by meeting Soderling again in 2009 and beating him in 2010 and 2011. Jesus, every top athlete likes to run on some confidence but I can't seriously fathom that people believe Nadal is mentally affected by his WB loss SIX MONTHS after the fact and that this event made him miss Olympics, several MS tourneys, USO, DC final, AO.

Some people need to come to terms with the fact that Nadal's knees are f**ked. Nothing more, nothing less, though I'm sure that the speculation will run wild, as usual.
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