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For the good half of 2012, my tennis highlights included:
  • All three of the USTA league teams I played on made it to the local area playoffs.
  • I reached three tournament finals, and won one title.
  • I somehow ended up the year ranked #1 in my USTA Section in my NTRP singles category - for the third time!
For the half bad part, my 2012 lowlights included:
  • I lost a USTA playoff match after having match points, which cost the team the opportunity to advance to Sectionals.
  • I had a goal of reaching #1 in my age group, but I finished #11.
  • I recently realized that I havent spoken to one of my best friends in tennis since April and I blame myself for not reaching out. We had talked about playing in one of the big national tournaments, but I lost my job at the end of the summer, and I never followed up on the plans.
Goals for 2013:
  • I expect that the 18+ and 40+ teams Im captaining to make the local playoffs again, and have a shot at Sectionals.
  • Id like to play a significant role in our teams success by playing more matches, posting a winning record, and coming through in the clutch as Ive done before.
  • Id like to finish in the top 5 in my age group, winning more matches than I did this year.
  • Id like to retain the #1 ranking in my NTRP level (for a 4th year) by winning at least 2 tournaments next year, and posting consistent wins in the others.
  • Id like to reconnect with my tennis buddy and see if there are any tournaments we can play in. I've got a couple in mind.
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