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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
Dunlop has some nice offerings in their string line.. but they do very little to create any buzz around those offerings. They have some great price/performers. I used to play their Max Comfort multi which was dirt cheap..played crisp and offered great comfort. I think it is still being offered as Comfort Syn.. and it is like $5.50 a set? Have to look at the offerings from Tourna and Dunlop for some very nice strings.. before paying the big dolllars for string like RPM... ALU Power etc. If you really good enough to take advantage for the slight differences then go for it.

The Ice sounds like a great string for the price. If it made you move from the 4G.. it has to be a interesting string!!!

Happy Hitting..
It really is similar to 4G, but I think 4G is a little boardy feeling in comparison. And I'll pass that on to the marketing folks.
Making a comeback after ski season.
Biomimetic Max 200G x8 and a "few" others...
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