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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I bought a 2013 Apd and will string with Rpm. I am looking for a softer more cushioned feel. I would like to give Rpm a try again. I hit with alot of topspin on both topspin and backhand and have a western grip and one handed backhand, What gauge would you recommend and what tension? Also, what is the advantage of using 16 gauge over 18? All pros useRpm 16 or 17 and not the 18 why is that?
18 snaps quickly, i would just stick to the 16 or 17. 17 is still durable though. And for tension i would go low 40-50 because rpm looses its tension quite fast. My rpm on my pd2012 is strung at 50lbs. I demoed the apd 2013 and loved rpm at 48 lbs.
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