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Originally Posted by WileyCoyote View Post

Your couple of points starting with 1 of 5:

1. Your point is that you are one of Wilson's best customers? I would agree.
2. If it works for you, fine. For the purposes of this discussion, I am not interested in tension loss, but rather tension INCREASE caused by the introduction of the crosses. I believe you when you say you do not understand the Tourna string meter.
3. I am not qualified to comment on this; seems reasonable.
4. Hardly anything I say or anyone else says is EXACTLY correct. But almost all of the threads I have read on this forum, repeat almost all, praise gut for its ability to retain playability almost or until it breaks. From what you have written, it is not clear if you agree or disagree. Exactly or otherwise.
5. From what you have written, I would agree with you.

I was first attempting to understand what the OP is talking about, as in looking for an explanation of what he says he experiences. At the same time, taking into account the tension increase of the mains caused by the introduction of the crosses, I offer what is perhaps a partial explanation. Or perhaps not.

There, now that everything is perfectly clear....

There are 4 experts who MAY help you with your question:
TW Professor

I will try to think as well
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