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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
You don't have to use fixed clamps for badminton, unless you plan on stringing a lot of badminton rackets. You can use badminton flying clamps for the crosses and fixed clamps for the mains. Badminton flying clamps are less than $20 for a pair. Though I heard Yonex flying clamps are better. If you do want to buy badminton fixed clamps, and you own a Gamma, Alpha, Eagnas, or similar machine. I highly recommend the Prince style Dual Clamps, available from Watdon or Arfaian. (Both from Europe) For about $70 shipped.

Dual Clamp on the right. Eagnas on the Left.

Thanks Lakers4Life. Looks like the fixed clamps I have is 11.5mm from Eagnas.

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