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Originally Posted by christo View Post
No, my behaviour wouldn't change but my awareness would, I for one, don't like the mystery that shrouds a lot of what the USTA does. For instance if I play an NTRP tournament I know EXACTLY how many points I will receive but I can win all my league matches and have NO CLUE about my dynamic rating and now that I am aware that I can thrash a weaker opponent and have that rating decline, well that's typical USTA absurdity. At that point you may as well give every player in a given level, a handicap, like they do in golf.
Yea, you're the kind of player who by looking at the rankings/ratings pre-qualifies and plays out your match before it ever starts. You're my favorite kind of opponent, the one who's more concerned about the outcome before the match even starts instead of planning on how you need to play the next point.
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