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Say Chi Sin Lo
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FINALLY got out of my iPhone and into an Android, in the form of LG Optimus G.

You have no idea how gratifying it is to be able to use the Bluetooth technology, you know, the same technology that's already on the iPhone to transfer files instantly. I mean, to think that I can finally use a simple feature like bluetooth like it was intended, enough said.

Apple's continued practice to use iTunes as the ONLY method of file transfer is thoroughly annoying.

The quad-core Snap Dragon processor is stupid fast, along with its 2gigs of RAM. And thank you Android/LG for allowing me to put music/multimedia/etc. files on a separate SD card (comes with the phone). This allows me to load up my phone with music and such without worrying about bogging down overall performance.

iPhone continues to be a great gadget for newbies and the non-tech-savy users. But for those of us who wants more customization options, the iOS is severely limited.

Now I'm just waiting on the Jelly Bean update and watch the quad-cores go nuts!
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