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Originally Posted by Tmano View Post
Going to try BM 17 next week.
well today i tried BM 1.23 with kind of high expectation having read so many great reviews. before to go ahead i want to say that i mostly play with round string like scorpion, big hitter silver, babolat pro hurricane around 47lbs. I strung BM at 45lb on a microgel prestige mp and i honestly have to say that it did not impress me at all. actually i was disappointed. this string was in my opinion the lowest powerful string i have tried so far. i like low power string and i played with many but this string bits all of them. as far as spin it was maybe below average and i don't have issue to produce spin at all. also notice that the serve lost lots of speed.... however it's has a good control and very comfortable.
at the same price big hitter silver performs way better in every aspects.
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