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Originally Posted by Wegner View Post
I venture that I was coaching modern tennis before he was even born, starting in 1968 with Pancho Segura at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club.

Another contributing solution is having more positive, more famous coaches posting on TalkTennis. They may differ in opinion, but I say: "Bring It On".
I guess we have to take your word that you were teaching 'modern' in 1968 since like so many of your assertions there is no empirical 'scientific' proof of it. I have to ask, has your teaching evolved at all since 1968 and if so how has it--if not it can't be called 'modern' can it? Nothing that happened 45 years ago can still be considered 'modern'--nothing. So what exactly is your definition of 'modern'?

FWIW, since we're dropping names (which you LOVE to do), I went to Segura when I was in college (I played for an NCAA National Championship team, played pro tennis, and currently coach all over the world) when he was the pro at La Costa (well after his time with you at the BHTC) and he did not teach like you. Prior to that I took a few private lessons from Pancho Gonzalez, who you claim to base at least some of your teachings on, and again he did not play or teach like you. And neither of them hit primarily open stance, semi-western, windshield-wiper, sudden 'yank across' forehands (Segura in fact hit his forehand with 2 hands). Gonzalez very rarely, if ever, hit topspin backhands. So where does the 'modern' fit in?

So again, what exactly is your defintion of 'modern'? And what exactly are the current crop of Americans doing that is not 'modern' and holding them back (be specific)? Maybe that would clear a lot of things up.

(I'm going ignore all responses from the minions, peons, worshippers & wannabes--as should everyone).

And none of the 'more famous coaches' would ever bother to post here for the simple reason that they just don't have to--their work, their influence and their results speak for themselves. They don't need to constantly post links to their website or Youtube like you apparently need to. I'm actually surprised someone of your 'legendary stature' (???) would find this little forum so important to you. That alone says a lot...

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