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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
I ... how do you return serve? I personally go for almost ever serve I can. I take a full cut at the ball, and first serves I at least try to knock back with some good redirection.
There's only a few players that I play that have serves that I can't attack. Regarding those, I'm basically blocking it back but do try to get some direction on my return. Most times, the best I can do is just get it back deep, which is usually enough to at least keep me in contention for the point.

Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
A lot of local rec players that I were watching, were just bunting the ball with a lob or just barely getting it back, when the serves were slow with no pace at all.
With this sort of play I'm usually able to just not let the opponent into the point. But I'm just a (newly bumped up) 3.25. So, I still make lots of totally unnecessary unforced errors.

Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
So the question TT! How do you return serve? I've always tried to attack weak serves, but I'm curious as to how everyone else fairs! -Fuji
Yes, but of course, ATTACK weak serves. I'll try to remember to compile, and post here, a video of how I, a very low level player, do this ... successfully.

I think the principle applies to ALL levels of play. Yes, of course, you ATTACK weak serves.
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