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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Great example / video! Love to see that!

Thanks Fuji. Nice thread. I'll try to find and post some examples where I attack weak serves with backhand strokes. ATTACK means to me to either be hitting deep and well paced returns more or less down the middle third of the court, or hitting really well placed, but not necessarily fast paced, returns either down the line or crosscourt. If your returns are both well placed and fast paced, then so much the better. Low level players such as myself are generally not able to do this. So, for us, it's generally either more or less down the middle with good pace and depth or close to the lines with less pace and depth. Higher level players are of course progressively more able to hit well placed and well paced returns.

Bottom line, imo, remains ... one key to winning tennis is to attack any serve that you're able to attack. For that matter attack any stroke that you're able to attack.

Relentless pushing can produce good results at low levels. But at ever higher levels it's necessary to consistently successfully attack weak shots.
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