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Originally Posted by WileyCoyote View Post
But you tell us about gut becoming a rocket launcher for you before it breaks, like multi and poly. Can you elaborate or explain this for me?
Hey Harry. I failed in my OP by exaggerating so I edited my post seeing natural gut does NOT become a rocket launcher at any time (compared to other string materials). I had the gut on that racquet for months and for that fact alone if I had never hit a ball, it would lose tension.

Yet I did hit with it here and there and I could tell every few weeks it seemed to hit a bit longer. Yet I can blame my racquet all day long but it only did what I made it do. I hit long with the racquet. The easiest way to correct that is just to restring and it resets the tension higher and ball drops shorter. Simple!

I believe gut actually plays better a day or week after being strung. It always seems "tight" when I first hit with a new full gut job and after a few hours of hitting it feels much better. Perhaps I just adjust to it. Maybe the tension dropped. Who knows.

Nevertheless, I'm still looking to find out max tension on Wilson gut in both 16 and 17 gauge. If I can't get answers by Monday I'm gonna call their corporate headquarters in Chicago. They were not in on Saturday.
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