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Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
#1 - Nadal is out
#2 - Fed is not obsessed about the #1 ranking and is mentally free to focus on individual slams
#3 - he's putting in his best training block since 2009 and we know that's the last time he won the AO
#4 - he's past worrying about "history" and is free to start ripping his forehand again
Anyone other than Djokovic winning will be a major upset.
I'm so sure I'm tempted to put some money where my mouth is and place a large bet, and I'm not normally a gambling man.
Love him or hate him you have to admit you're looking at an all time great in the making who, like it or not, is destined to dominate and win many more slams.
The only fly in Djokovic's ointment could be peak Murray but how often is that going to show up?
I love John Isner
Deal with it
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