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Anyone ever lose all their music off an iPhone for no reason? Or all your contacts? I'm still trying to understand what happened with these 2 recent incidents. Thankfully I had a contacts backup in Outlook and recovered 90% of my contacts. Pretty sure it was an iCloud iTunes fail of some sort but I still don't know.

Anyone know why Apple refuses to address the inability to read Excel XLS files after the iOS 6 upgrade? Even across different file apps, you CANNOT open XLS files on iPhone iOS 6. You can open Excel 2010/2013 XLSX files but not older ones. There are threads on Apple support about this one but no one cares to address it. It's seriously an epic failure on Apples part after the 6.0 upgrade that you can't read XLS files. This is huge for a lot of important people such as myself or Fedace.

It's these additional things that have bummed me out on iPhone lately.

To lose data with no valid explanation just really freaks me out. I'm sure it was user error on my part since I have no idea how to work POS iTunes properly. Recently also I couldn't drag and drop mp3 files and luckily found a solution to log out and log back in to iTunes.

So yeah I'm getting burned out on the 5 for a few big reasons but the apps make me stay. I can't live without many of them. It truly goes to show that indy developers mean so much to every platform.

iPhone is so very far from perfect based on my own subjectives. Every phone is imperfect at this point in the game. Apple has lots of work to do. But I won't leave yet.
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