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Originally Posted by BlxTennis View Post
May be he can weave so fast on the crosses is due to low tension(24lbs) on badminton racquets. I certainly can not weave that fast on tennis racquets especially getting close to the end. I have not tried to string badminton racquets yet. I would have to get badminton fixed clamps for my stringer if I want to try which will cost me $100. I do have two Yonex Carbon racquets that sitting in the closet needed to re-string like 15yrs ago and have not play competitively in close to 20yrs so probably not worth it.
Strangely enough low tensions dont necessarily make it easier to weave as they would be sloppy and give little resistance to moving. I like to think that there is an optimum string & tension to help produce the fastest stringing speeds, but that's another discussion.

As for clamps, Yonex produce some excellent floating clamps that you can use, and are a lot cheaper than buying new fixed clamps.

Hand for those strings who rarely do badminton racquets.


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