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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
What am I supposed to be impressed with? Bad form? Anemic lateral movements? Hitting balls beyond the age of 50 that half of the people on these forums can already do?

Not bad for your age, but not impressive enough to be differentiated from those who just kept playing regardless of their age.

Still don't know what your deal is with me. But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, go for it stranger.
Look dude I came on to strong with you about your first comment comparing free weights to bands. I took it like you were saying that the bands could do what free weights can, which to me they are not in the same league. So for that I must apologize, I mistook your comment.

My tennis skills are not that good, but I did not learn to play until I was 44 years old. But my example was to show my conditioning and training experience not ball striking skills.

But I guess you know a lot of guys my age that are in much better shape and have a lot better movement than me. Thats funny because in the 2 clubs I play at that is nowhere near the case.
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