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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
of course you can get better as a player watching videos. as long as you realize that there is something of value presented in those videos, that is worth trying out for yourself and could improve your own game.
than you need to apply yourself to the task and practice, practice,....
I'm not saying video is not valid. Have you never videod yourself and then said wtf? I never knew OK I had that hitch at the take back? My point is you can watch all the videos you want at however millions of frame rate. And try to emulate it. But you need someone to be on court with you and actually tell you what you are actually doing vs what you think your doing.

I have personal experience with this. After 20+ years off from tennis when I took it up again I got decent pretty fast. After 2 or 3 years my friend asked me "did you know you had a hitch in the trophy position?". What? I had watched a lot of slow mo video trying to do all the current instruction. Studied tennis videos to get back in competitive form. Had good pace and spin on serve.

So I setup a camera..... I had the worst hitch. Lol. I wish someone would of said something sooner. I watched old videos from my coaches when I playing in college. I didnt have a hitch. I watched a video i took the month i got back into tennis. No hitch. 3 years later after serious study of high speed video I had this weird hitch.

How did I fix it? I set up a camera once a week during ,my serve practice and looked at the video after every 5 serves. Made corrections based on what I saw and used shadow swings to build new muscle memory. Watched the serve doctors advice on how to rebuild a serve. One year later my serve is better than ever and hitch is gone. Thanks to video!
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