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Default Tweener/hardcourt long balls, cure?

My ground strokes are going long, in particular my forehand. I don't know what the issue is.

I've been using a new racquet for the past couple of months, a Wilson Steam 100 (a tweener i guess). It has been a bit of an adjustment as I have been absent from the game for over 15 years. This racquet is a lot more powerful than what I used to use.

The long balls are more of an issue on hardcourts than clay courts (euro-style red clay). I also feel that I'm not swinging as fully as i used to when i was a teenager for fear of long balls.

- Have any of you faced this kind of issue?
- Any thoughts of what I could be doing wrong?

I wonder if i should experiment with higher tension stringing (i use multis) and maybe a bit of lead.
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