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Bump...mostly for comparison (maybe...OrangePower, you could modify the title so as to not confuse with the current year's thread).

As for my personal update, I only played 3 USTA singles matches against 4.0s (I was a 3.5). I went 1-2...but I liked both "loss" results. One was a relative beatdown (scorewise), albeit from a top-end 4.0 who went to the National finals last year (and didn't get bumped up). Still, I took 3 games and was "in" most of the others. Her experience clearly shone through, playing the big points BIG.

The second loss was a hard-fought one that I lost 10-7 in the 3rd-set TB.

And, FWIW, all three of my opponents were 50+ (read: even older than me!), very delightful ladies and we had not the slightest drip-drop of drama.
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