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For 2013, I resolve to:
  1. Play less "organized"/USTA tennis and focus on self-arranged play. I'm, momentarily, tired of the fees, politics and pressure. I will not play in the new 40+ division and will not captain the Combo ladies team I've done for the past 2 years (unless they significantly change the logistics).
  2. Refocus on doubles play (after spending the past ~18 mos working on my singles game. Not gonna give up entirely on the Singles Adventure but I realize I much more enjoy doubles from both the social and skills perspective. I want to, once again, make myself the person people call when they need a "4th".
  3. Somehow (not quite sure how)...get my longtime dubs partner up to 4.0 with me. Sure she can (and will) play "up" with me, but there are a few local things we now cannot do together. Besides, she is deserving. She is my "setup man," and her health issues aside from the past 2 years, I'm sure she'd already be a 4.0 with me. She just needs one solid season to push her over the edge.
  4. Now, from the skillset/toolbox set, I need a serve "out wide." Mostly for that diminishing singles game but a nice variety to have in doubles (if properly scripted with my partner)
  5. Be even more aggressive on the poach.
  6. Make my OH much so, that they won't lob (not that they do it much at 4.0 anyway).
  7. Finally, find the FUN again in the game. Worry less about the score and concentrate on what's fun (and what's working that day). Carry a 10-spot in my bag to go out for drinks/apps afterwards and make sure childcare can cover that "extra" time.

2013 will be a transition year for me personally. My youngest child will begin Kindergarten in the Fall and that will begin a full week of daytime playing opportunities that I've never had before.

I am thankful the area I live in has plenty of terrific women to play with during the weekday.
I am thankful, at my age, to be able to play, at all.
I am thankful to be....alive!
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.
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