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Gauge of playtest string: 18

Tension used for playtest: 40/37lbs

Regular string set up: RPM Blast 17/VS 17 38/36 lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test: Donnay Pro One 16x19

Power of test string: Good power. Not as powerful as my hybrid combo, but the combo of spin and power gave my racquet a bit more bite and control. My SHB was a bit short at first because of the lower power, but I adjusted and used the bite.

Feel: Feel was so so. About the same as the RPM17, which for an 18g thickness is not great.

Spin: Very good bite on the ball. I'd say 10% more than my hybrid combo. The spin on 1st and 2nd serves provide good margin so I actually hit harder.

Comfort: Pretty comfortable like a co-poly. My forearm aches a tad more after heavy hitting.

Durability: 4 hours of doubles, 3 hours of hitting and so far still quite playable with good spin.

Playability Duration: 7 hours of hitting over 4 days and still providing good spin and power. Good so far!

Control: Nice control with spin and power. I'm still surprised! I can swing freely off the serve and forehand. Volleys lack that bit of touch feel which I miss for short angle and drop volleys.

Tension recommendations: I'd agree that the string is pretty powerful and needs to be strung a bit tighter. That's why I moved up 2 lbs. If you have arm issues, I'd recommend keeping the tension on the lower end and use the spin potential for control.

Compare to the string you use most often: More spin, good power. Allows better lunge recovery shots. I'm a little torn as I like it, but I can't feel the ball as well on the volleys. I'll have to experiment with it as a hybrid with gut.

PS I bought my own Cyclone Tour string so I'm not part of the playtest. NTRP 5.5 all court.

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