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Originally Posted by ryydman View Post
Hi Dan, I hope this questions hasn't already been asked and answered in this thread, I have searched but with no luck...

I'm considering buying a Pure Drive as I like rackets with some free umph, however, I can't decide between the 2009 GT & the 2012 iteration.

My question is: Why has there been (according to TW measurements) a huge drop in swing weight from 327 to 308 with this model? Surely the lack of mass in the upper hoop makes the 2012 model less stable and less substantial in hard rallies / returning heavy serves?

I understand that there is a lot more to racket physics than this, but a 19 point drop in swing weight is a large deficit.
That is a good question. I will have to email the product manager.

I preferred the 2009 version because I thought it played livelier.

I would suggest stringing them up the same and doing a long term play test. Pick whatever feels best.

shoot me an email so I don't forget about the SW question
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