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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
14 tournaments is not that much. And he took at least a full month off during the season, according to his own book. BG told him either to get back in shape or just to call it a day, so he spent a month retraining and building back his strength and stamina before starting over on the challenger circuit.
One month or even two months not playing any tournament is not that much. Most players have had periods like that.

I've read some people writting here (not in this thread) that Agassi stopped playing tennis for 2 or 3 years and that is why he was so strong later on. That (and many other things) only makes you realize that many people that write here didn't even follow tennis 10+ years ago.

As I said, Agassi's real break from playing tennis was a 5 month period after his wrist surgery at the end of 1993, and he came back really strong (from 1994 Canadian Open to 1995 US OPEN was his best 13 months of tennis of his whole career).

Nadal's around 8 months absence is starting to look a bit too much. We will see soon if he can make a good come back or not ( I personally think Nadal won't win another GS except for maybe another RG).
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