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hi guys about a month ago when I was playing tennis, I was going one way (side way in baseline) and the last min I saw the ball went the other way so I changed direction at the last min and sprained my ankle a little bit. It only hurt a little bit so I kept on was ok the rest of the day. The next time I played tennis it was ok too, didn't hurt at all. But ever since then it will hurt at weird positions, like when I walk, or run, or just doing casual things and moving my ankle....I think at weird angle it will hurt. It doesn't hurt a lot but it's been a month and pain doesn't diminish when I do get it, maybe 10% less painful since then. So is it something serious should I get someone to look at it? or just rest? Ever since the injury I play tennis almost every other day. (never hurt during playing) I used jogging shoe when injury happened but I am using proper shoes now. not sure if jogging shoes caused the little sprained ankle. So any tips guys? thanks in advance
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