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Default Apparently, Sampras still thinks he's the GOAT!!!

So I talked to a guy who I’ve seen at many tennis as well as basketball events and I asked him if he got any interesting replies to his question at the Legends event at the Garden last month regarding his “Who’s The Greatest?” line. And he said yes. He said that Sampras basically said that he is the greatest because he subdued his greatest rival, Agassi, in every slam he faced him except one or two, and Federer has been beaten time and again in slams by his greatest rival, Nadal.
I pointed out that Sampras and Agassi were separated by one year while Fed and Rafa are divided by five, but Sampras apparently shook his head when probed similarly and said, it doesn’t matter. You can only be considered the greatest if you have beaten your greatest rival.

Granted, this is not a quote from the horse's mouth, so it could be fabricated. OTOH, he has made such statements in the past, so I wouldn't put it past him to come up with such nonsense.

If he indeed still thinks that, someone needs to remind him that he was the one who came up with the "slams are what determine the GOAT" crap.. Sorry Pete, you're not in reckoning anymore.. My new year wish for 2013 is for Federer to erase more of your records, and for Nadal to surpass you sometime in the future.
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