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Now Wilson is introducing HOLLOW, STIFFER, LIGHTER handles with their new Ampli-Feel 360. Seems like they're doubling down on their old Hammer approach to inflicting tennis elbow.

"The new basalt/graphite construction still filters out jarring vibrations and improves the racquet’s feel. But because it’s hollow, it also increases the handle’s stiffness. Amplifeel 360 strengthens the lower third of the racquet by about 15 percent, which increases the racquet’s power. (Any time we can make a racquet stiffer, it increases the amount of energy that goes back into the ball, because less energy is going into making the racquet bend.) Additionally, the new handle allows us to take grams of foam out of the handle. This gives us the option of taking some weight out of the racquet, or using those grams elsewhere to make the racquet stronger and more powerful. So with Amplifeel 360, you get a little more power, a lighter racquet, and better feel."

John Lyons
Wilson Tennis
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