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Originally Posted by pringles View Post
I'm afraid Sampras has missed the bus. He should've focused on 1 or 2 French Opens instead of racking up Wimbledons where could just serve his way to the championship. The only time he got deep at the FO (beating a choking Courier in his last good major tournament) he got destroyed at Wimbledon.

Unlike the top 3 today who reach the FO/Wimbledon semis for fun.

Sampras is just mad that he's a complete non-factor in the GOAT conversation, since his only big records (weeks at no 1 and number of majors) have been broken.

Oh and Nadal has a better case for being the GOAT than Sampras has, I won't even mention Federer who is 2 leagues above Sampras in the discussions.
Some day the reporter will ask Sampras about who's the greater player between him and Nadal. I wonder how Pete will react.
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