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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
Nadal doesn't have a better case for being the GOAT than Sampras. Let's not get carried away. When Nadal dominates the tour for several years at the very top then he can be compared to Sampras.
Sampras never dominated the tour. The only tournament he dominated was Wimbledon and mostly thanks to his great serve and the courts being extremely fast. Nadal not only dominated 1 major but an entire surface while Sampras never cared for any grass warm-up tournament. Rafa has at least 2 seasons better than any season that Sampras had in his career (2008/2010).

Sampras never had a rival who could constantly challenge him, Agassi was gone for at least 3 of Sampras' prime years. Nadal since 2005 has been better and better while Federer got older. Nadal had to CONSTANTLY FACE 2 OTHER GOATs in his career while Sampras faced who again? Old Becker in one year. Rafter in another. Pioline in another.

It's not even comparable. If Nadal wins another major or 2 (and I'm sure he will), Sampras will be even more forgotten.
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