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Originally Posted by kalyan4fedever View Post
stupid sampras and his ego, Federer is true GOAT and he knows it, just because nadal has a leading h2h does not mean federer is not GOAT, he could not even win a single french open lol and he is greatest please !!!{if he said that ofcourse}
Why should Sampras have a better case for GOAThood when it was FEDERER who was willing to pay the price for losing to Nadal every year at the FO (by finally winning the title in 2009) while Sampras was just happy racking up Wimbledons and not caring about not only the FO but entire clay. Why should we diminish Federer for having a 0-5 record against Nadal at the FO (and thus making the total major h2h look weak) when it was Federer who was willing to take the risk! Sampras should just shut it - he had a great career and all but he's the past. Apart from the only questionable big record he has remaining (6 years ended no 1 in a row - but check some of the years he ended no 1 - f.e. 1996 or 1998 ) he has absolutely nothing on Federer and Nadal.

According to Sampras, Federer would have a better case for being the GOAT if he just said "screw the FO!" like Sampras. He would be sitting on 16 majors and not have a 10-18 h2h against Nadal but something like 8-8 or 9-9 instead (Nadal wouldn't probably get to him mentally on grass/hard courts like he did beating him 3-4 times on clay prior to their meetings on grass/hard!).

Federer was willing to take the risk and take the consequences like a man - unlike Sampras who didn't want to suffer on clay for that 1 FO title that would've lifted his status in the GOAT discussions. And believe me Sampras would get owned by Nadal in straight sets every single time they would play on clay, so he's no saint. If you put Sampras instead of Federer (at the same age) in the exact same matches that Fedal played in majors, Sampras out of 10 matches would already be down 0-5 from the FO alone and 0-15 in sets for the matter.

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