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Originally Posted by Surecatch View Post
I watched him play in the old fellas' tournament on TV last night against Agassi and then Rafter and was pretty impressed at his skill level for being well into his fifties now. I really hadn't seen him play much since his tour days, other than youtube clips but looked like he hit harder than in his youth, which isn't surprising given advances in racquets, etc. He's naturally a little slower but still seems very accurate with his defense, especially considering his opponents also hit harder than back in the day.

What would his USTA level be? Could he compete on the ATP tour still? Would he smoke Serena?
Mac has the best hands ever, better than Fed. His timing, coolness, is incredible. I also saw him play modern players and he's AWESOME.

Only problem he'd have today is injuries and lack of stamina as comes with age. Young Mac with modern equipment? I think he's be tops, or one of them.
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