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Originally Posted by NatF View Post
Yes but all Nadal's important stats are from clay. He's not a great champion on hardcourt and on grass he's got a fantastic record but he's not even in the league of Sampras. Sampras has more titles on 2 of the 3 surfaces.

Nadal is the clay court GOAT only. Sampras has him beat in every other category on every other surface.
This is true but one could also say that Nadal on his best surface is better than Sampras on his best one. Same with their worst surfaces.

The only reason Nadal doesn't have the "most weeks at no 1" record is because of Federer. Had there been no Federer, Nadal would be a constant no 1 for a comfortable 5-6 years in 2005-2010/2011 without any breaks for the matter. Instead he had to work his *** off in 2008/2009 just to stay there for 30-40 weeks. Who was there to challenge Sampras for the top spot, besides Agassi for brief 20 weeks in 1995? Moya, Rios or Kafelnikov? Sampras was sitting on the top spot winning 3-4 titles a year (1 major with no other finals) and being completely gone for 3 months in a year. Hell, if Agassi didn't have a brilliant 1999 Sampras would probably end the year at no 1 despite missing 2 majors. Can you imagine anyone ending the year no 1 these days missing 2 majors? Well Nadal has missed 1 (and he would have to miss another) but good luck with him ending the year at no 1. Since 2004 you have to GOAT for an entire year to end the year at no 1.

Sampras' competition is HIGHLY overrated - some even bring Kuerten, Corretja, Moya, Muster or Courier as some of his biggest rivals but not notice that they were great on clay mostly when Pete at the same time was too busy losing in the 1st rounds to some journeymen.

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