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Originally Posted by PureCarlosMoyaDrive
Spadea has a funny style. He's got that great backhand, ok forehand. He'll hit a forcing shot, move into no-man's land, and just hit groundstrokes from there. He won't hit winners or really even unreturnables. He'll just like continue the rally from there, not come to net, and eventually win the point or get pushed back. Funny style, but it kind of works.
To my mind, he looks exactly like Capriati out there, and PureCarlosMoyaDrive's description would apply as precisely to J-Cap as to Vanilla Spade.

I enjoyed the final and Kiefer's game a lot: the two had a handful of excellent points, and except for Kiefer's laying down just long enough to lose at the end, the match was well-contested. A pretty evenly matched contest between two guys who couldn't rely on the serve for free points (or even easy holds).
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