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Originally Posted by Vrad View Post
Good point. Nadal does indeed have a huge disadvantage in the lack of #1 weeks. Considering that, I would say Nadal needs to reach 15GS with at least 1 non RG slam and rack up a few more #1 weeks to be considered greater than Sampras IMO.

Only if # of weeks at # 1 is your supreme criterium. It doesn't have to be. 21 masters to 11 is a huge difference. And all 4 slams is priceless too. If you do it by surface, then of course Sampras is head and shoulders above Nadal on grass and hard but as I said before, Nadal is THE #1 on clay (all time). Sampras is not the #1 anywhere: hard, grass or overall. That should count for something too. And he's WAY worse on clay than Rafa is on either hard or grass.
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